Primus Other Equipments

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  • Primus DC4

    + Flexible construction allows hanging bars to slide easily forward for easy access to garments or down for more space
    + Easy to install; the evacuating channel is connected to the ventilation system and the humid air is transported out of the room
    + All electrical components are placed on the top which makes it easy to maintain
    + Pull-out hanging system
    + 3 temperatures: High, normal and low
    + Energy efficient
    + Overheat protection
    + IP 24 classification
    + CE approved

  • Primus DC8

    + Very low energy consumption, only 0,5 kWh/kg, very short drying time, 42 minutes
    + Four automatic programs and one program for time dry
    + HTS – measures the level of humidity every single second, to determine exactly when the textiles are dry.
    + 16 m hanging length
    + Double overheat-protection for increased security
    + The top is removable for easier handling and installation.
    + Test program and error codes make it easier for maintenance
    + Double sheet metal in sides and doors minimize loss of energy
    + Hanging frame can be rotated 180°
    + Two fans create perfect balance between evacuated and re-circulated air
    + Service menu with possibilities to adjust the function of the cabinet
    + CE approved.

  • Primus FDC6

    + Drying process from the outside and inside
    + Adjustable programmes
    + Drying capacity of 6 large overalls equal to 20 kg
    + Drying procedure hardens the impregnation
    + Gentle drying without friction
    + Three automatic programs and one program for timed drying
    + Indoor lighting
    + Detachable hangers and racks for easier handling
    + Programme ends with “cool down” to room temperature
    + CE approved