Pony Spotting

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    Professional COLD and STEAM spotting tables are ideal to remove any kind of stain in both the dry-cleaning and garment industries, for the treatment of stains deriving from different production stages.

    Available in two versions:

    JOLLY – Cold spotting table. Features: Stainless steel board and sleeve spotting arm. Garment tray. Cooling coil. Two spotting guns and two tanks for liquid spotting agents. Air drying gun. Available with built-in vacuum unit or ready for connection to central vacuum supply.

    Available options:

    • Suction cap either ready for external exhaust or with activated carbons filter
    • Built-in compressor
    • Steam and air gun assembly.

    This cabinet is the ideal solution to improve the quality of your dry-cleaning  This compact and functional unit ( 100×85 cm ) offers in a reduced space both pre -and post -spotting facilities . KAPPA is built from high grade stainless steel, and meets the modern requirements for protection of the environment thanks to the built-in powerful suction fan and ecological active carbon filtration set.

    Pre-spotting unit includes:
    one 5 liter pressurized soap tank, stainless steel, with soap spray gun.


    Portable spotting unit. Stainless steel board. Cold spotting gun with tank. Drying gun. Built-in vacuum unit operated by pedal. Tank for liquid separation. Air filter.

    Available options:

    • Mobile support
    • Kit for second spotting gun, with gun, tank and fittings.