Pony Sanitising

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    Powerful closed-loop system for complete sanitizing and odour elimination in a natural, fast and safe way.

    OZOCAB’s “clean technology” consists of generating ozone by reaching and maintaining saturation level inside the cabin during the first two phases of the operation cycle. In the remaining time, the machine destroys ozone, regenerating pure oxygen, without leaving any residue.

    OZOCAB produces sanitizing ozone using a powerful Corona discharge ozone generator (10 gr/h). This type of generators represents the best technical solution in industrial ozone production because they are much more efficient than other systems (ozone concentration capacity up to 10 times that of UV lamps). Maintenance and energy consumption are minimal.

    Ozone is capable to inactivate or destroy biological agents such as viruses, bacteria, mould, enzymes, etc without using any chemical products.


    Professional portable ozone production unit with 8 g/h corona effect generator and integrated oxygen conversion system.

    Ozone is able to restore the air of a room thanks to its ability to inactivate or destroy the cells of biological agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, enzymes etc. without the use of chemical products.

    Ozone is also very effective in eliminating odours such as smoke, sweat, food, shoes, mold, paint etc.

    In laundry it can be used inside closed spaces and allows the sanitising of multiple items, such as rugs, curtains, duvets, mattresses, etc., in addition to the classic clothes in laundries.

    Its applications are unlimited: laundries, clinics, retirement homes, hotels, offices, conference halls, canteens, clothing stores, theatres and cinemas, dental practices, schools, gyms, means of transport, etc.


    Pony has always seen steam as the perfect ally for finishing, but steam is also worldwide recognized for its power against all types of viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. Given the new requirements in sanitising, Pony has enriched its range of steam generators with new specific accessories for this function, in order to give support to small and medium companies in this new context.

    Health experts have confirmed that steam can clean and sanitize the surfaces in stores, shelves and work rooms as well as garments worn by customers in clothing stores, in addition to its countless applications already known in the past as for metal washing, wood deformation, disinfection in dairy farms, sanitation of wine barrels, etc.