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    Shirt and universal form finisher. Thanks to its functionality and upgraded technical features, excellent finishing results are obtained not only on shirts, white coats and uniforms but also on traditional garments, with a simple reset of the machine. Pneumatic front paddle closing device, with steam heated and vacuum counter-paddle. Manual collar blocking system New pneumatic trolley for fast and accurate alignment with the shirt hem, two air-operated side clamps and one air-operated rear clamp. Working cycles managed by microprocessor and chance to work with manual cycles.

  • ANGEL 2.0

    Shirt finisher – Single buck shirt press – Mod. Angel 2.0 Even unskilled operators can use this machine, thanks to the simple and intuitive controls, thereby reducing labour costs, while the outstanding constructive features and the high quality finish avoid any final shirt touch-ups: energy consumption is widely reduced and the finishing quality is always incomparably high standard.

    The powerful hot air flow and the two steam heated finishing bucks with Teflon allow excellent shirt finishing in less than 30 seconds. This single buck shirt press is also equipped with a “touch screen” PLC, allowing a total control of the machine, in any of its operations.

    The shirt finisher is equipped with Height-adjustable, pneumatic device for sleeve tensioning with two Teflon coated sleeve placket presses for a perfect sleeve finishing.

    Available options:

    • SMALL dummy (as alternative to standard dummy)
    • Short-sleeve clamping device
    • Water spray gun with support and condensate tank
    • Mirror
  • DB 360

    DB 360, the new rotary double-buck shirt press. The DB360 is Pony double-body rotary shirt press, conceived and designed to obtain maximum productivity, with incomparable finishing quality and no increase in costs.


    • Compact rotary structure, with rotary system and both start and braking system electronically controlled with energy recovery.
    • Vacuum group, integrated in the rotating part.
    • New steam circuit integrated in the machine to reduce heat dispersions and condensations.
    • Integrated shoulder-press in action during rotation.
    • Three pressing cycles: short , long, special with the exclusion of the rear buck
    • Integrated Safety devices in the lateral protection bars limiting the work area, with sound and light signal when machine in action.
    • Height adjustment and ergonomic work station.
    • New full-color touch PLC, simple and intuitive, managing cycles, diagnostics, emergency and pre-set maintenance.
    • Energy Saving pneumatic system.
    • Compact size to ease transportation and installation.
    • Adaptable structure for transit through standard doors (90 cm).
  • EAGLE 2.0

    The EAGLE has a wide range including men’s shirts, women’s blouses, polo shirts, medical uniforms, and chef’s uniforms. This machine drew on our many years of manufacturing experience and customer interaction to meet the ultimate goal of reducing energy consumption and machine size. It makes a state of the art shirt finisher affordable for every shirt laundry.

    The H.A.R.S. (Hot Air Recovery System), is an efficient system for the recapture of air from the shoulder press. This device maintains a constant 150° air temperature and conveys the air through a special channel into the fan to speed the drying of the shirt, reducing energy consumption by 20 to 30%, with faster drying times and higher productivity. It is the only shirt finisher in the world pressing both the yoke and the tucks at the same time, with Teflon press heads to avoid marks on dark fabrics.

  • KITE

    KITE is the latest evolution in shirt finishers from PONY, suitable for the finishing of shirts, polo shirts, chef’s jackets and medical uniforms.

    Thanks to its solid construction and advanced design, KITE provides the user an excellent finishing quality as well as very high productivity.

    The advanced design ergonomics of this machine has resulted in the introduction of the exclusive front sliding paddle which results in easy, fast dressing of the shirt without any obstacles between the operator and the shirt being processed.

    With this brand new model, PONY aims to offer its customers the best quality to price ratio in its class, whilst incorporating some of the advanced features found in the more expensive models in the range.