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IC43316 | Cylinder Type Ironer

IC43316 | Cylinder Type Ironer

Features and benefits
• Easy to use control panel
• Ergonomic working height
• Finger guard protection providing additional security
for operators
• Pressure roll with a Nomex padding for a good
ironing quality
• Durable ironing belts made of Nomex which can
withstand temperatures above 220°C
• Stainless steel cylinder prevents rust and improves
• Maintenance free ceramic gas burner minimizes
downtimes. 20% more efficient than regular blue flame
burners. A unique and patented burner by Electrolux
• Return feed, can be installed close to a wall for space
• Foldable feeding tray so that large flats avoid touching
the ground
Main options
• Electronic control panel with automatic speed regulation
system (DIAMMS*) – compatible with the RABC**
process for the traceability of ironing parameters;
flashing light showing to the operator that an item is
not fully dried.
• CMIS*** connection for an automatic recording of the
ironing parameters
• Nickel-plated cylinder for better production on cotton
• Manual folding arm for easy folding of large flat
items by only one operator
• Clutch to control the feeding belts for payment
system control (excludes the payment system)




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